About Us

'The 6th Sense' is a non-profit volunteering Organization. This Organization provides Reproductive and Sexuality Education for 5-16 yrs/o School going children through workshops. The name of our First project is 'Seeking Safe Childhood'. We teach the children to differentiate 'GOOD & BAD TOUCH', Inform about Private Body Parts & Personal Safety. We Conduct Surveys to know how many are abused & Provide Free Counselling for Traumatized kids & help to take legal steps against the offenders.

Child Sexual Abuse is a severe problem in Bangladesh. Thousands of children are abused every year. The child sexual abuse is an under-reported offence in Bangladesh, which has reached epidemic proportion. The effects of child sexual abuse include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, propensity to further victimization in adulthood, and physical injury to the child, among other problems. Sexual abuse by a family member is a form of incest and can result in more serious and long-term psychological trauma, especially in the case of parental incest. Primary Sex Education will make our kids sensible & aware about molestation. By making them conscious, we may prevent the Pedophiles and ensure 'Secured childhood' for our kids.

We have started our project in Rajshahi Area. Now, we are increasing our Branch to spread our workshop outside, Rajshahi and all over Bangladesh. Recently we have opened two New Branches at Noakhali & Tangail AreaWe have planned that we will make Branch of 'The 6th Sense' in all of our Public, Private & National Universities. Then we will train them for workshops, survey & Counselling. They will work in their local areas. By doing this we can spread our message to the children in a short period of time. We wish to cover all of the Primary school including Government, non-government even Street schools.

Yet we have done workshops in 50 'Primary School' with more than 14 thousands children. We conducted our surveys on 3 thousands children aged 9-12 where we've found 30%-40% survivors. Alarming thing is the ratio between abused girl and boy is almost same. 35-40 percent of them were male and 60-65% are female. 90-95% incidents left untold to their parents because 80% abuser were closed to their family. An important thing is the abusers are both male and female.

We have more than one hundred volunteers working for this project. Hope, after 5-10 years, the abuser & pedophiles will be scared to touch a child inappropriately or to molest. People will be aware of the diseases about Pedophilia and take proper treatment. Consciousness will spread all over the country. Our kids will be secure & get a Safe Childhood which they actually deserve. 

Besides, our teenagers are facing different challenges during their Puberty specially girls. They need quality education about reproductive health and hygiene as well as Relationships. Focusing on this issue, we have designed our second project named ''Seeking safe Adolescence''. Hope we will launch our second project after coping this COVID-19 Pandemic.

After conducting our project for 5 years, we will operate a movement for 'Compulsory Sexuality Education' in Bangladesh. Hope, we'll be successful in our mission.